Design Stories

Every Knockout Knob’s knob, handle and tap tells a story–

Door Handles and Lock Sets

A Berkshire's architect wanted door handles and lock sets to complement their unique knob design. Our design team worked with Burr and McCallum to create a very inventive door handle. While all of our products are unique, our door handles and lock sets are not...

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Knockout Knobs can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge (really!)

The Brooklyn Bridge Knob designed by an NYC architect for a client who was moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge knobs for the powder room are the perfect way to bridge the move. If you believe in metal 3D printing technology we can sell you a bridge!...

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Bike Wheel Knobs enhance a renovated master bathroom

Jennifer enjoys self contained bike trips to visit family and friends in Massachusetts.  When she is not on the road during the long New England winters, her bike wheel knobs on her vanity remind her of  summer days riding along the shore. Knockout Knobs enjoyed...

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Dragonfly knobs make the ordinary bathroom extraordinary

Like many people, Gail loves dragonflies which symbolize change, power and poise. Dragonflies can move in six directions  while scurrying over water. When Gail decided her vanity and bathroom cabinets needed new look, dragonflies were her first choice for her custom...

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The Peaceful Yogi’s OM Knobs

Lori thought our OM knobs would be perfect addition to her clients new Yoga room. She ordered 5 OM Knobs to adorn this cabinet and enhance the atmosphere in the yoga room. All our knobs are customized (even our "in house" designs). We worked with Lori to ensure she...

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The Happy Bicyclist (the original design story)

The original story of how we created Knockout Knobs Custom Hardware. The Bicycle Wheel Knob Recently while building a new kitchen, Nancy , the soon to be founder of Knockout Knobs, went to her local hardware store She noticed they had knobs for almost every sport, but...

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